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An emulator is a piece of software that is developed to mimic a gaming console. To put it simple: you can play a game of for example your old Game Boy, Nintendo, SNES or SEGA on your PC or Laptop. Sometimes even on other consoles like your PSP, telephone or PDA.

Now you can even play your old favorite games online. With such an emulator it is posible to play these games in the form of Roms. A rom is simply the game (cartridge) in a datafile that can be read by an emulator.

Examples of old gaming consoles are:
Game Boy, NES, SNES, Sega Megadrive

Here you can find an overview of all your old game consoles:

Want to play online right now? Relive your old games by going to the sites below.
Java is required to play the games (Download Java for free):

Play GameBoy

Play Nintendo (NES 8-bit)

Play Super Nintendo
(SNES 16-bit)



Don’t shy away from confrontation or conflict. Like the muscles in your body, which won’t grow or stay toned and ready for action without pressure and a bit of pain, your spirit needs conflict in order to transcend. As you grow stronger in your spirit and your confidence, it will be harder for people to manipulate or intimidate you.

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