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In this disclaimer is described:

1. - the owner: the owner of the website;
- user(s): all thinkable actions;
- you: the user (visitor) of the website;
- the content: all content on the website;
2. The below applies on the page you are watching. By using the page you agree to our disclaimer.
3. The content had been put together with the utmost care, though, the owner does not accept reliability for any errors or incorrectnesses of the displayed.
4. The owner is not responsible for any content on the to this site linked files or websites to which is referred.
5. Unauthorized or inproper use of the content or parts of it, break the intellectual rights.
6. Approval of usage of the shown content or parts of it on publically accessable places ought to be requested to us.

If you have any questions or doubts you can contact us.

It is not enough to have more or even to know more, but to live more, and if we want to live more we must love more. Love is "the treasure hidden in a field," and this field is our own soul. Here the treasure is found for which the wise merchant "went and sold all he had". And contrary to the law of matter where to give more means to have less, in the law of love the more one gives the more one has.

Juan Mascaro, Introduction to 'The Bhagavad Gita'