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Solely Intensely Happy

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Spirituality & Meditation

The moments that could never be explained. A one time feeling. Hungry for more, but never again the same. Atmosphere drenched with life. You will have to admit it to yourself. It merely takes one to experience what your faith is. A little heavenly paradise for the unknown grand inexperience. If growth is important throughout an entire life time, why would we ever have to be sure of anything?

Those who asked me who I am, there was my home for a moment. Places on this earth that would change me everlastingly. Events that I could never visit again. Painfully confronted with that I would otherwise turn my back to the opening of the future. Feeling happens. Everything that can be threatened, has a survival mechanism. Exactly that which made me into me, is what I unfortunately at times had to set aside to switch to a required autopilot. To just move forward. Forgiveness is necessary when we are strong enough again. When we could start to regret blaming ourselves. Turning the times that have carved our skins full of scars into history, is not easy, but making history of yourself is non-negotiable. The existence on earth that has been granted to us and for which life can be grateful to you.

At this moment, time flies as never before. Time to stand still at what I really want. Time to decide, to choose whether you want to get your uniqueness out of this life. While looking at the clock pointers over the years, I have noticed they have mostly been waiting for me. And that can be rather inconvenient, that it is you. Waiting for me to start. To want it. The belief in the design of a beautiful life. And deserving its execution in the meantime.

Awakening in the night train, watching the sky’s discolouring from the rising sun. Accompanied by the snowy mountains that I see for the very first time in this young life. A historical city fully lived by childhood memories and mutually breathtaking. Compassion from complete strangers in this brief passing. The company and comfort of anonymity. The relief, freedom, autonomy, and independence. A fleeing traveller who finds. In large cities, cold nights, dark waters. The warmth of the sea sand and the safety of the star sky. Lost places in no man’s land, where I literally got lost in the mists of the mountains or in the traffic chaos of everyone.

Everything that was there, did not seem to be here. It is often in hindsight that you realise just how rich life can be inside. It is back to a journey that challenges me to ask who I am. Seeking inspiration and motivation to stimulate and recall myself. With open if yesterday has never existed, but the life lessons learned there always travel through an open heart.


We allow our ignorance to prevail upon us and make us think we can survive alone, alone in patches, alone in groups, alone in races, even alone in genders.

We staan toe dat onze onwetendheid over ons heerst en ons laat denken dat we alleen kunnen overleven, alleen in stukjes, alleen in groepen, alleen in rassen, zelfs alleen in seksen.

Maya Angelou